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Parkour Taking Extreme Sport to the Next Level

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What started as a form of military training in France has now become a fitness phenomenon. It's known as 'parkour' or 'freerunning.'

The idea is to become better at climbing, jumping, running and balancing - only using your body. Parkour takes its name from the  phrase 'parcours du combattant' the military obstacle course training devised by French physical educationalist Georges Hebert (1875-1957).

Modern Parkour was popularised by French actor and stuntman David Belle - his video 'Speed Air Man' played a large part in popularising the sport

There are differences between the two. Parkour is getting to point A to point B as quickly as possible in your environment. Freerunning is getting from A to B with as much style and flair as possible, with both, there are lots of flips and flash so proper training is a must.

Strength, core work and flexibility are all key to becoming successful in the extreme sports and with events taking place globally the phenomenon has gained a growing following especially among women. 
Unlike most spectator sports which were created by and for men, accentuating specific male attributes of bulk, upper-body strength, and explosive power parkour is grounded in the full range of natural human movement, so it's the ideal sport for everyone, regardless of age, gender, or athletic background and has become very popular among females who want to test their bodies and push themselves to new limits. 

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