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  • 12 November 2015 00:00
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Pass it On aims to get girls more active

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The Girls Network Group, Bridgend County Borough is launching new campaign ‘Pass it on’ to encourage more girls to get active.  Girls’ participation in sport and physical activity is an important area of focus for the Bridgend County Borough Council Active Young People Department (AYPD) after research highlighted a significant drop off in physical activity among girls when they reach comprehensive school age.

The Girls Network Group was therefore established with engagement groups being set up in various schools to address the barriers that were putting girls off taking part in physical activity.

Maesteg Comprehensive is one of the schools that has implemented the programme with more girls from years 7 to 13 getting involved in physical activity. Girls at Maesteg Comprehensive researched what could make girls at their school more interested in physical activity and they found that self-confidence, self-esteem and mixed gender and mixed age classes were issues that were putting girls off being more active. Therefore, an after school ‘only girls allowed’ multi activity club was formulated which included fun games and fitness classes such as roller skating, as well as activities related to their interests such as graffiti workshops and hair and beauty sessions.

The club was an instant hit, with more than 80 girls attending the first session, and the numbers continued to rise as the programme was rolled out. The impact of the programme on the girls of Maesteg Comprehensive has been huge and their increase in confidence is evident as they also changed their P.E kit. To further enhance the programme the girls produced ‘Pass it on.’

The ‘Pass it on’ campaign was created to empower other girls to get involved in the programme. So, in response to a good deed done for your benefit then you ‘pass it on’. Thus, you don’t repay the person who did something nice for you. Instead, you do something nice for three other girls by inviting them to a fitness class or boosting their confidence by simply giving a compliment. 

Double world triathlon champion Helen Jenkins will be attending to support the campaign in her new role as ambassador for the The Girls Network Group. The Bridgend based Olympian wants to help empower more girls to get active through the campaign. 
Ambassador Helen Jenkins said, "The Girls Network Group is helping girls who do not usually get involved in sport get active but it is also empowering them to become leaders, improve their communication and learn transferable skills.  Many teenage girls have problems with their body image, confidence levels and their self-esteem. Getting active does not always mean competing or becoming an elite athlete like myself as there are other ways to get active which the programme highlights. I am looking forward to passing on my experience and advice to young girls in Bridgend and hoping I can empower them to also ‘pass it on.’”

The impact the programme has had on girls across Bridgend has been phenomenal with more girls being active than ever before but there are more girls to ‘pass it on’ to and the Girls Network Group wants to transform other girls lives via the power of getting active.

For further information please contact Laura Jenkins on 07891795561/ 02920 660176 or email 
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