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  • 12 October 2015 00:00
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Power of PE: The Future of Physical Education

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Are you currently maximising the benefits of PE in your school to:

Improve academic performance
Enhance physical and emotional health and wellbeing
Improve attendance
Improve behaviour and social relationships
Develop character and employability skills

Do you need to strategically position core PE, against a backdrop of EBacc, Progress 8 and the new Ofsted Framework?  If so, join the Youth Sport Trust at one of 30 Power of PE twilight events being held around the country this Autumn Term.  

The Youth Sport Trust is a national charity devoted to building a brighter future for all young people through PE and school sport. The Trust uses best practice, knowledge and evidence to support schools to raise standards, achievement and attainment across all subject areas.

Outcomes of the events:
  • Improved understanding of how to ensure PE is meaningful and relevant to students and its value is recognised by senior leaders
  • Support in establishing a shared vision for the wider impact of PE against whole school issues
  • Provide a self review tool and simple action plan to help bring about change in your school.

These events are free to all Youth Sport Trust Member schools and £50 for non-member schools (which includes Level 1 Youth Sport Trust Membership).

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