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  • 01 August 2013 15:18
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Premier League and Sport England look to inspire tens of thousands of people to take up sport in new

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The Premier League and Sport England have signed a new three-year partnership that will see them work together to help tens of thousands of young people find the sport that inspires them.
The deal will see the two behemoths combined their huge resources to engage youngsters from some of the country’s most disadvantaged communities.

The investment will drive the expansion of two community programmes which are Premier League 4 Sport (PL4Sport) and a rebranded Kickz.

The funding will be equally split, with the Premier League and Sport England committing £5.6 million per year (£2.8 million from each partner) each to the two programmes.
A total of £2.6 million per year (£1.3 million each) will go to PL4Sport with £3 million per year (£1.5 million each) going to the new Kickz initiative.
"Our clubs have a fantastic track record in terms of investing in and committing to a wide range of good-cause and grass-roots initiatives,” said Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore.
"Premier League Kickz and Premier League 4 Sport – both part of our Creating Chances programme and focussed on sports participation – are hugely successful examples of that and have benefitted thousands of young people in recent years.
"The increased investment announced today, along with the expertise brought in by our new partner Sport England, provides our clubs with the opportunity to take these projects to the next level and get more young people playing sport across the country.”
The new deal comes after the Premier league and Sport England first combined in 2009 to create PL4Sport, which has already engaged 60,000 young people and created 320 of the clubs that formed the basis for the satellite clubs now being introduced across the country by Sport England and its partners.
The new PL4 Sport partnership will see athletics, boxing, golf and tennis added to the eight Olympic and Paralympic and Commonwealth sports already on offer with a further 270 satellite sports clubs created.
Meanwhile Kickz, which was launched in 2006, has helped 71,500 youngsters get involved in sport, targeting the hardest to reach young people from disadvantaged areas.
The expansion of the re-branded programme will see an extra 30,000 young people engaged over the next three years with a further 3,000 volunteers trained and 600 competitions delivered.
"This partnership will help sport to change the lives of tens of thousands of young people,” said Sport England chairman Nick Bitel.
"We’re determined that every young person should have opportunities to discover a sport that excites them and inspires them to develop a sporting habit for life.”

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