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  • 06 December 2013 00:00
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Primary school sport gets renewed funding investment from Government

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The Government has announced new funding for primary school sport in the form of a further £150 million in order to continue the School Sport Premium.

The new funding boost was announced by Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne in his Autumn Statement.

It means that the School Sport Premium announced earlier this year will be extended into the academic year of 2015/2016, having originally only been guaranteed for two years.

The funding, which has been available since the start of this current academic year, is allocated directly to primary schools to provide them with resources to increase PE and school sport provision in their schools.

The School Sport Premium was due to end in the summer of 2015 but it will now run for at least another year. 

"We welcome the news that funding for PE and school sport in primary schools is to continue,” said Youth Sport Trust chair Baroness Sue Campbell. 

"The need for long-term investment in school sport is something the Youth Sport Trust has championed for some time. 

"This additional funding will mean that schools can make further plans to provide high quality PE and school sport opportunities for their young people - it cannot and must not be wasted.”

The Government also confirmed 18 million of new funding from Sport England that will benefit young people in primary schools.

From 2014 onwards, primary schools will be able to benefit from this £18 million National Lottery funding to improve sports facilities. 

The Primary School Sport Facilities Fund will be run by Sport England in partnership with the Youth Sport Trust and will help primary schools that have little or no outside space to get more young people active.

"This new funding for facilities provides another boost to sport in primary schools,” said Baroness Campbell.

"We are very pleased to be working in partnership with Sport England to support schools on how best to maximise this funding. 

"This will enable schools to create the most appropriate spaces to deliver high quality PE lessons and provide more opportunities for all young people to be active and take part in a variety of sports."

In February 2014, a set of selection criteria will be published and between February and March, schools which think they meet the criteria will be invited to submit an expression of interest via an application form. 

By July 2014, schools will be notified of decisions.
Schools that are interested in receiving further details when they become available in February will need to send an email - including the school's postal and email addresses - to:

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