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Rotherham residents have the opportunity to turn their sports facility dreams into reality!

When the Fighting Fit campaign was launched six months ago, they pledged to help increase funding for better sporting facilities in Rotherham.

As well as several members of the editorial team backing the initiative by lacing up their running shoes and hiking boots, attention is turned to helping bring cash into the borough.

But now is the time for YOU to help yourselves — whether it be a new clubhouse for your cricket club or floodlights to help budding footballers train on cold midweek nights.

This is the time to make it happen.

Richard Sutcliffe, who has achieved funding for countless sports projects across the county as part of his work at Funding4Sport, has agreed to hold sports funding clinics where clubs can get advice on their ideas and application.

It is now over to you to take advantage of Richard’s expertise and get your applications together and secure some much-needed cash for your borough’s sporting facilities.

Whether you are after a new lawnmower to keep the pitches looking pristine or a new changing room block, the Advertiser and Richard can help.

Richard will hold funding clinics where sports club leaders can get advice on their ideas and applications.

The event will be held at Brookfields Way, Manvers, on Monday, April 3, from 1pm until 8pm.

The session will run on an appointment basis so people can discuss their ideas in depth.

To book a slot email Richard on