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  • 30 April 2015 00:00
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Shaping Young Lives

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The shortlist for the 2015 ukactive awards has been announced and Inspired Exchange are proud to be part of the ‘Fit For Sport’ team that have made it through to the final with the ‘Engage to Compete’ programme.

"Fit For Sport deliver ‘Engage to Compete’ in partnership with Sport England. The programme, funded by National Lottery, is designed to get more young people physically active and involved in competition, using the Sainsbury’s School Games framework. Over 100 primary schools have been engaged to date across Manchester, Somerset, Tower Hamlets and Sandwell. 

Programmes like Engage to Compete are essential to increase activity amongst all children, by creating opportunities to get active outside the traditional PE lesson. 

Engage to Compete gives the whole school access to frequent, fun physical activity, to develop all children’s confidence and encourage them to take part in competition. The programme provides personalised training for PE and support staff, as well as resources and on-site support. Training staff, engaging with parents and creating better community links (including local leisure providers) have created sustainable change. 

To date, we have engaged over 20,000 children in School Games activities and recorded an average 12.39% increase in physical activity levels, with 81% taking part in level 1 intra-school competitions (81%) and  54% in level 2 inter-school competitions."

‘Keeping the future fit.’

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