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Social & Community development plans focus on local delivery pilots

Every town, city or rural area is unique – and the characteristics of each can have a direct influence on what the sporting offer is like for a customer.

If transport is poor, it’s harder for people to get to parks or local gyms. If it’s a community with lower than average incomes, paid-for activities could be a barrier to taking part. If the activities on offer are just for the sporty, many will be deterred.

Sport England can make sport and physical activity an attractive, easy choice for people if they tap into expert local knowledge and take account of people’s needs. And think about not just 'what' Sport England provide, but 'how'. To get this right is a big challenge.

Customer first
To create popular sport and activity offers on a large scale requires those who provide sport to work together differently. To put the customer first by joining up what they do. And it’s likely to mean a greater role for non-sporting organisations already trusted and working in communities.
Sport England will need every part of the local ‘sporting system’ to come together with bold and innovative ideas, based on what people need and what their communities are like.
That’s why Sport England is looking to fund up to 10 local pilots across England and are inviting you to put forward proposals to be at the forefront of this new approach.

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