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Sport England and UK Sport launch new £2 million major events fund

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Sport England and UK Sport have launched a new £2 million fund to help ensure a long term legacy of major international sporting events in this country.

In a unique collaboration between the elite and community sport bodies, the new £2 million fund will build on the existing £27 million of funding currently being invested into the bidding and staging of major sporting events via UK Sport’s Gold Event Series.

The new fund will support governing bodies who are hosting major international sporting events in England by investing in sports projects which will be delivered in the local community where the event is taking place.

The investment demonstrates the desire of Sport England and UK Sport to link up their community sport and elite sport programmes.

It comes after the London 2012 Games demonstrated that world class events hosted in England can inspire and have a positive impact on perceptions and participation in sport. 

Currently over 15.3 million people in England play sport once a week, every week which is over 1.4 million more people than when London won the bid to host the 2012 Games back in 2005. 

The new £2 million funding is designed to invest in projects to ultimately increase participation in sports by enhancing the engagement National Governing Bodies (NGBs) have with local communities when they are hosting major international sporting events in England. 

Sport England is looking to fund high quality projects that will demonstrate how major events can increase regular local participation in sport. 

The criteria says that projects seeking funding should increase the number of people regularly doing sport, spark sustainable activity and be based on insight and local.

They should also demonstrate financial need, value for money and partnership funding where activity is complementary to whole sport plan investment.

Sport England will be looking for the applicant to clearly demonstrate its need for additional financial investment into its sport. 

Projects will be assessed for value for money (e.g. how many additional participants will it attract into the sport) and how it adds value to Sport England’s investment in the whole sport plan.

Applicants should also contribute partnership funding to projects.

For more information or to apply for funding, Click Here

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