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Sport England awards £2 million funding for its first Strategic Facilities project

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Chesterfield Borough Council has been awarded £2 million funding from Sport England’s Strategic Facilities fund which will go towards the development of the new Queen’s Park Sports Centre.

The £2 million is the first investment to come out of the £30m Strategic Facilities fund, which was launched last autumn to support projects with investments from £500,000 up to £2 million.

The fund is designed to help deliver better facilities by directing capital investment into a number of key local authority projects that are identified through a strategic needs assessment and have maximum impact on growing and maintaining community sport participation.

The £2 million boost for Chesterfield Borough Council will allow previously approved plans for the new Queen’s Park Sports Centre to be expanded. 

It mean the venue will now be able to create additional activity space for the community by increasing the main swimming pool from six to eight lanes, increase the size of the learner pool, raise the number of sports courts and create additional studio space and spectator seating in the swimming pool hall and sports hall.

The funding comes after Sport England were impressed with the plans to put Chesterfield community at the heart of things while the £2 million cash injection is in addition to further funding from Chesterfield Borough Council and Chesterfield College.

"The right facilities in the right areas are fundamental in providing more people with the opportunity to play sport,” said Sport England Property Director Charles Johnston.

"We’re investing in the new Queen’s Park Sports Centre to provide outstanding facilities, which will encourage more people to take up sport and create a sporting habit for life.”

The new centre has major support from National Governing Bodies who will work in partnership with the council to implement programmes aimed at adults.

It is also hoped that extra access to facilities such as swimming, cricket, and triathlon will help increase participation and membership levels and reduce drop-off amongst this group.

In addition, the accessible design of the new centre reflects consultation with disability groups and organisations and will improve access for disabled people. 

"Along with the collaboration agreement and funding committed by Chesterfield College, this £2 million grant from Sport England will make a huge difference to the quality of the sports provision we will be able to offer to our residents and visitors in the future,” said Chesterfield Borough Council’s executive member for leisure, culture and tourism Councillor Amanda Serjeant.

The project will start next month and will be completed in 2016.

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