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  • 31 March 2014 00:00
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Sport England can be world leaders at improving sports participation says CEO

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Sport England Chief Executive Jennie Price feels that the insight-based strategy she has brought to the agency could put them in a world-leading position for improving sports participation in the future.

Since becoming Sport England Chief Executive in 2007, Price has implemented a new strategic approach to investing in community sport and restructured the organisation to improve delivery of this strategy. 

Price still feels there is a long way to go with regard to implementing the strategy but feels that it could ensure Sport England will set the global benchmark for improving sports participation. 

"To be honest, I think we are only about half way through from when I joined in 2007 with regard to our new strategic approach,” Price told Community Sport Network.

"What we have now is a proper, insight-based strategy.

"I think the insight we are using and the way we are starting to reshape some of our programmes based on what we are learning could put us in a genuinely, world-leading position in terms of improving sports participation. 

"But it is going to take a while. 

"The job is absolutely not done yet.”

Price is also confident Sport England can maintain consistency in their long-term strategic planning even if there are major changes in Government next year in the 2015 General Election given that all the major political parties have expressed their commitment to investing in grassroots sport.

"We have been very lucky in the sense that for quite some time now, every political party has recognised that getting people playing sport regularly is a really good and desirable aim,” Price said.

"That is really what grassroots sport is all about. 

"Once you get agreement around that central core, if people change emphasis, then we can manage that without impacting too much on delivery - which is what you always worry about with change.

"The concern is not so much that things are different with a new Government; it is that the change bought in could result in some waste in terms of what has gone on before and then you have to spend two years building something new before you start delivering. 

"But I think as long as the core purpose remains broadly the same, then we can still do a good delivery job for whatever Government is there.”

To read the full Q&A with Jennie Price, Click Here 

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