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  • 27 March 2014 00:00
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Sport England cut £2.8 million funding from six National Governing Bodies

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Sport England has cut a total of £2.8 million in funding from the six underperforming National Governing Bodies (NGBs) of football, golf, netball, hockey, mountaineering and rowing after all of them failed to increase their grassroots participation figures.

The funding cut comes following the results of Sport England’s first Payment for Results review.

The Payment for Results process measures the performance of all 46 NGBs that it invests in annually to ensure that they are delivering results and value for money.

Those failing to achieve their annual targets risk a 20% cut in future funding.

Based on the December Active People Survey participation numbers, the 11 NGBs representing athletics, football, rugby union, rowing, badminton, cricket, equestrianism, golf, hockey, mountaineering and netball were informed they were at risk of losing funding.

Following the warning, the Football Association, England Golf Partnership, England Netball, England Hockey, British Mountaineering Council and British Rowing have now had a combined £2.8 million of Sport England money axed after all six saw the number of people who play their sport regularly fall.

Sport England will reinvest the £2.8 million funding in the same sports, but outside the NGBs.

"I want these decisions to send a clear message to those NGBs who need to change,” said Sport England Chief Executive Jennie Price. 

"This year, we are removing up to 10% of their future investment, and we will be working with them to improve their plans.

"I want to reassure people who play those sports that they won’t lose out – we will still fund them, but through other bodies, such as local authorities or charities.”

The Football Association (FA) is the biggest loser with Sport England taking £1.6 million away. 

The England Golf Partnership is next on the list with a £496,000 cut while England Netball will see £275,000 of funding withdrawn. 

Meanwhile British Rowing has lost £236,000, England Hockey misses out on £137,000 and the British Mountaineering Council has seen £97,000 withdrawn. 

Sport England has already announced where some of the £2.8 million funding will be redirected. 

The £1.6 million withdrawn from the FA will be reinvested into ‘City of Football’ that will be located in one place.

The City of Football aims to create a whole range of new opportunities to encourage more people to play football regularly and will share the insight it gains with the FA to help the NGB grow the game.

Sport England will invite bids from cities interested in hosting the City of Football in April 2014. 

Meanwhile the £496,000 cut from the England Golf Partnership will be reinvested in new partners who can show how to make golf quicker, cheaper and less formal. 

In addition to the six NGBs who have lost funding, the England and Wales Cricket Board, Badminton England and the Rugby Football Union have been put on notice that they must deliver growth by December 2014 or lose money next year.

All three have seen participation figures decline over the last year but have convinced Sport England that they have put in place strong plans to turn things around. 

"Where we think NGBs are doing the right things to encourage people to play their sport – rugby, cricket and badminton – we are backing them by giving them another year to prove their plans can deliver results.”
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