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Steph Houghton came through the TASS programme
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Sport England earmark £6m for TASS programme!

Sport England has committed £6m to its scheme that helps young athletes balance the demands of training and competing with academic life.

TASS – the Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme – gives national governing bodies the chance to team up with educational institutions to help up and coming athletes achieve their potential in both walks of life.

Launched in 2004, the scheme has helped a number of elite athletes, including England football captain Steph Houghton, who managed to complete a three-year degree at Loughborough University while training.

At the Rio Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2016, 67 athletes who won medals came through the TASS system.

The programme is managed by SportsAid, the charity that aids young athletes financially.

"Since launching, the scheme has helped more than 6,000 athletes in full-time education, many of whom have gone on to the highest level in both their sporting and professional careers. In the 21st century, there really is no reason for student athletes to be forced into choosing one avenue over another – following a ‘dual career’ is now a genuine option,” said Guy Taylor, National Director for TASS.

Phil Smith, Sport England Director of Sport, added: "It takes more than talent and dedication to reach the top, you need access to a whole range of support services such as coaching, nutrition and physiotherapy.

"TASS is one of the ways Sport England invests National Lottery funding to ensure that more young people can fulfil their sporting potential, while also gaining a valuable qualification.”