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Sport & Recreation Alliance: Commitment to Governance.

Sport and Recreation Alliance have launched The Principles of Good Governance for Sport and Recreation in May to help you assess your governance practices and address priority areas for development. They’ve already received quite a few commitments from organisations who have recognised the merits of implementing good governance in their organisations. 

Adopting The Principles will help an organisation in the following ways:
Establish an effective and diverse board that has the right skills for the organisation;
Demonstrate integrity, accountability and transparency in the face of sector challenges;
Help to secure funding for the organisation;
Plan for long term sustainability and be fit for the future.

All organisations that have signed up to The Principles will receive a certificate recognising their commitment, as well as the right to use the Good Governance logo to demonstrate their commitment publicly on their website and in other communications.


To help implement The Principles of Good Governance, Sport and Recreation Alliance have created a governance library that contains a selection of guidance and resources  The information contained is designed to help sport and recreation organisations develop effective organisational structures, policies, procedures and governance. 

Sport and Recreation Alliance have also created a Governance Training Programme which offers expert guidance and training around The Principles and has been developed by their in-house team. The workshops and webinars provide the tools and support to implement change within an organisation and to take the important next steps on the journey towards achieving a gold standard of governance. 


Any organisation receiving funding from Sport England or UK Sport (including the Alliance) needs to comply with "A Code for Sports Governance"; and many organisations will currently be working to finalise their action plans for Tier 3 compliance, the highest standard under the code, ahead of the 31 October 2017 deadline.

The nature of The Principles mean that they are equally as useful to these organisations as they are to much smaller organisations, like regional bodies or sports clubs. The guidance and resources available make The Principles a worthwhile guide to support implementation of best practice good governance that will benefit an organisation, rather than just being a tick-box approach to compliance.