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Sport & Recreation Alliance launch new foreign exchange & international payments service!

The Sport and Recreation Alliance has formed a partnership with currency exchange specialists, freemarketFX, to provide its members with access to currency exchange and international payments, saving their members up to 80% on exchange costs.

The partnership follows consultation with members which revealed that quite a few had a foreign exchange requirement and were paying higher than necessary commission fees through banks and brokers.

Chantel Scherer, Director of Marketing, Communications and Member Engagement at the Sport and Recreation Alliance said:

"We are constantly looking for ways we can help our members operate in the most efficient and cost effective way. We hope this new partnership, which supports our ambition to help all our members be fit for the future, will prove a valuable addition to our suite of member benefits and services.”

James Allum, Chief Commercial Officer at freemarketFX said:

"Sport and recreation is a truly global sector and we are excited to offer organisations across the sector with a service that will provide immediate and tangible cost savings. We hope that the money that would have been lost in inflated fees can now be put to better use in getting the nation active.”

London-based freemarketFX provides organisations and individuals with the ability to take control of their foreign exchange transactions and keep more of their own money. The technologies and practices behind their web-based platforms enable low commissions by employing complex algorithms to aggregate members exchange requirements into the most efficient peer-to-peer exchanges.

The new service is now available to all Alliance members for use within their organisations and also in a personal capacity via a portal on the Alliance website. Members will be able to exchange money on the platform into more than 20 different currencies, including sterling, dollars and euros.