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Sported receives Building Change Award for Inspiring Impact Northern Ireland Programme

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Leading Sport for Development charity Sported has been awarded a Building Change Award through their Inspiring Impact Northern Ireland Programme.

Inspiring Impact is a UK wide initiative that aims to change the way the voluntary and community sector thinks about impact and make high quality impact practice the norm for charities and social enterprises by 2022.

The programme for Northern Ireland is linked to the UK wide Inspiring Impact Programme which is a coalition of some leading third sector organisations across the UK. 

Sported, a charity which provides funding and business support to community groups that use sport to transform the lives of disadvantaged young people, will now receive funding of £15,000 from the Building Change Trust to act as a leader for impact within the Sport for Development sector.

"We are delighted to have been selected by The Building Change Trust to act of leaders for impact in the Sport for Development sector,” said The Northern Ireland Manager at Sported Brenda Kelly.

"Accurate impact measurement lies at the heart of developing effective programmes, sharing best practice and attracting funding, so it is fantastic that our members will now have the opportunity to benefit from Inspiring Impact’s fantastic resources.”

Sported’s membership of grassroots sport clubs are changing thousands of young lives and tackling some of society’s most complex and challenging problems. 

Now thanks to funding from Inspiring Impact, Sported will be able to help its members better understand the cycle of impact practice, assess their own impact practice and plan to apply impact practice.

The Inspiring Impact programme will complement Sported’s existing array of impact measurement services and resources, most notably its Sportworks and Sportworks Lite tools. 

These impact measurement tools are the first ever shared measurement system specifically designed for Sport for Development organisations. 

It enables grassroots sport groups to accurately measure the impact of their respective Sport for Development projects and, uniquely, quantify the cost saving to society as a result, thus providing the much needed business case for further investment.

"Sported set out an excellent proposal for how they would support their members develop their impact practice and we look forward to working with them and the 12 other grant recipients across Northern Ireland to make a real difference in the coming 12 months,” said Director of Operations at The Building Change Trust Nigel McKinney. 

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