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  • 06 February 2015 00:00
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Sporting Champion Hannah Beharry raises aspirations at Active Colleges

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Sporting Champion Hannah Beharry raising aspirations at Active Colleges

Two-times England Boxing Champion and British Champion, Hannah Beharry is praised for her athlete role model impact in her capacity as a Sporting  Champion at Palmer’s College Active College visit last week.

In 2004, aged 17, Hannah found herself in a downward spiral, living a life of crime, with no education and facing an unimaginable future. However in 2005, Hannah stepped into one of London's most prominent boxing clubs, All Stars, and competed as a serious contender in amateur boxing, later receiving a high status as one of the leading female boxers in the UK. By 23 she became a member of Haringey Police Boxing Club, and has taken control of her life by acting as a strong model and ambassador for local communities, bringing a positive influence to behaviour change.

Alongside her role as a Sporting Champion, Hannah coaches hopefuls, including young offenders, and young people from all different backgrounds. She works as an athlete mentor travelling across England inspiring and mentoring young people to achieve their best. 

Hannah: " Sport has helped me changed my life around, if I hadn't started up boxing I don’t know if I would had been doing this amazing job that I get to do now.” 

Hannah supports numerous projects including Active Colleges; Sport England’s £25 million National Lottery fund which aims to help more college students play sport. It looks to encourage an increase in regular participation (at least 30 minutes per week) in sport by further education students across the country. 

Sophie Richardson, deliverer of Palmer’s College Active Colleges visit: 
"I just wanted to say Hannah was amazing today she interacted and got so much across to the students it really was a fantastic visit I cannot express that enough. The students benefited so much from her talk and all the interesting topics that arose... all said how great it was and how she was the perfect athlete to invite along to the college. I have the students asking when’s the next athlete coming in to speak to us...of which I ask the question is it possible to arrange another athlete visit?”
"I have already recommended her to other colleges for a sporting champion visit!”

A note of recognition for the outstanding work and support of Hannah Beharry and the  impact of Sport England’s Sporting Champions Programme; Bringing World-class athletes face-to-face with young people and young adults to inspire and motivate them to be active.

For more information about Sporting Champions:

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