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  • 08 January 2014 00:00
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Still much to do to improve school sport says Youth Sport Trust CEO

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Youth Sport Trust CEO John Steele says that 2013 proved a good year for school sport but warned that there is still much work to do in 2014 to ensure lasting improvement in the sector.  

School sport received a major boost last month as the Government announced that the £150 million a year investment in primary school sport will be extended from two to three years.

Steele welcomed the announcement but outlined the importance of investing the money in the right areas moving forwards. 

"In the PE and school sport sector, 2013 proved to be both memorable and a period of transition,” Steele said.

"At the Youth Sport Trust we have been focused on supporting schools to ensure they make effective use of the £150 million a year investment in primary school sport announced by the Government. 

"Only recently, this funding was extended from two to three years, which gives a level of added security and certainty for those working in schools.

"The need for long-term investment is something the Youth Sport Trust has been championing for some time so this announcement is clearly welcome. 

"However there is still much to do if we are to ensure the money is invested wisely by schools in teacher training led solutions that will secure lasting improvement in the quality of PE and sport in our schools. 

"Whilst we know that some schools have put in place development plans to improve provision and outcomes, there is still work to be done with those yet to act.”

The Youth Sport Trust CEO added that the organisation will continue to work as hard as ever to promote the benefits of sport in 2014. 

"This year, we must not lose sight of the wider benefits of sport and the positive impact it can have on a young person's emotional well-being, cognitive abilities, and social skills. 

"Childhood and teenage years are particularly important for mental health and it is important to recognise the positive impact that sport can have in supporting the emotional well being of young people.

"If 2013 had a lot to live up to in terms of sporting success, 2014 certainly has a tough act to follow too - but with the Commonwealth Games, the Fifa World Cup, and the Winter Olympics around the corner, anything is possible. 

"It promises to be another memorable year and there will be plenty more opportunities to inspire young people to enjoy all the benefits of PE and sport.”

John Steele is set to be one of the key figures speaking at the Youth Sport Trust 2014 Conference that takes place on February 5-6 at Telford International Centre.

For more information on the Conference or to book a place, Click Here 

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