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StreetGames and LTA partner to bring Wimbledon fever to over 4,000 disadvantaged youngsters

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National sports charity StreetGames and the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) have announced a partnership to bring 100 Pop-Up Tennis Clubs to disadvantaged young people around the country. 

The partnership will enable thousands of young people to emulate the excitement of Wimbledon and get involved in playing tennis this summer. 

This partnership aims to harness that excitement created last summer when Andy Murray became Britain’s first men’s singles champion in 77 years and the country exploded with tennis fever. 

The new Pop-Up Tennis Clubs look to help disadvantaged young people get involved in tennis by holding sessions on their doorsteps.

"Andy Murray’s triumph showed how sport can bring the nation together,” said StreetGames CEO Jane Ashworth. 

"We aim to take that inspiration and ensure disadvantaged young people can experience it on their own doorsteps. 

"We know that the Pop-Up Tennis Clubs make tennis fun for all and brings the excitement of Wimbledon to those who can’t get the strawberries and cream on Murray Mound.”

The programme follows on from the success of the 2013 partnership between StreetGames and the LTA where 25 Pop-Up Tennis Clubs were created, engaging 720 young people from around the country. 

This year, LTA has backed StreetGames to extend the programme so that thousands more will get the chance to play the sport.

"Last year the StreetGames Pop-Up Tennis programme was a resounding success, bringing tennis to the doorstep to hundreds of young people across the country,” said LTA CEO Michael Downey.

"We want to see more people playing more often which is why we’re very excited to extend the programme further, so even more young people can enjoy tennis this summer.”

This partnership is a continuation of StreetGames’ work to make sport more accessible to young people living in disadvantaged communities. 

Currently there are 1.6 million young people who live in disadvantaged areas of the UK; recent research shows lowest-income households are most likely to have least active children, with the poorest households spending less than £2 a week on sport.

With the help of LTA, StreetGames hope to combat this by getting young people engaged with Wimbledon and developing a sporting habit.

Babolat, a leading global manufacturer of premium tennis equipment is also helping bring the Nadal touch to the young peoples’ lives by supplying rackets, balls and mini tennis nets for the new programme.  

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