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StreetGames and Spirit of 2012 to bring Commonwealth Games to 10,000 young people

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A nationwide programme headed by StreetGames and Spirit of 2012 has been launched to bring the values, opportunities and spirit of the Commonwealth Games to 14-25 year olds from disadvantaged areas.

The initiative will see national sports charity StreetGames create 200 Pop Up Clubs during the summer that will enable disadvantaged young people to take part in their own Commonwealth Games as Glasgow 2014 takes place. 

The legacy programme will be funded by Spirit of 2012, the new charity set up to support programmes that sustain the spirit of the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics. 

"We know that large sporting events inspire young people to get active, we saw it with the Olympics and Paralympics we are sure to see it with the Commonwealth Games as well,” said StreetGames CEO Jane Ashworth. 

"At StreetGames we aim to take that inspiration and help it grow into a sporting habit for life, by giving the most disadvantaged young people the opportunity to try different types of sport, get active and even go and see the Games.”

Pop Up Clubs are designed to be a fun and vibrant way of encouraging young people to try a wide range of sports. 

The sessions will take place in communities across the country, from Glasgow to Hastings, Swansea to Southend.  

The sports will be brought to peoples’ doorsteps by coming to community halls, leisure centres and parks – meaning that sport can be accessed by all. 

"At the Spirit of 2012 Trust we want to ensure that neighbourhoods across the country get to feel the excitement of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games,” said Spirit of 2012 CEO Debbie Lye.

"StreetGames has the network to reach all corners of the UK and the experience to make sport fun and accessible to all. 

"I am proud that this partnership is part of Spirit’s first major investment. 

"The Spirit of Glasgow is a £5 million programme designed to ensure that Glasgow’s Games inspire involvement in sports, arts and community action right across the UK for years to come.”

StreetGames and Spirit of 2012 will be setting up a camp in Glasgow, from 24th July to 2nd August, to give 1,000 young people from over 80 StreetGames projects the opportunity to experience the incredible atmosphere and spirit of the Games. 

They will take part in outdoor challenges, enjoy Pop Up Clubs and be given the once-in-a-lifetime chance to see the professionals in action at the Games. 

The partnership is supported by former Commonwealth Games stars Kelly Sotherton and Charlotte Hartley.

"I have seen first-hand the inspiration of the Games and the values they instil and believe it is essential that young people of all backgrounds get the opportunity to experience that as well,” said Sotherton, who won Commonwealth gold and Olympic bronze in the heptathlon. 

"I’m privileged to support this partnership to bring sport to the doorstep of young people across the UK.”
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