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StreetGames announced as official charity for PlayFootball

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StreetGames is delighted to announce PlayFootball as their new charity partner, with the aim of providing affordable venue hire for StreetGames projects for their regular sessions, festivals and events.

StreetGames and PlayFootball have committed to working together to ensure more young people living in disadvantaged communities have access to high quality facilities to increase participation in the sport. 

PlayFootball is a brand with a passionate aim: to get Britain playing football.  They are committed to the idea of participation - helping people stay active, playing football more often and for longer in their lives. 
StreetGames’ mission is to make sport more widely available for disadvantaged young people and to maximise the power of sport to change young lives and to change disadvantaged communities.

StreetGames promotes Doorstep Sport – that is sport in disadvantaged communities that takes place at the right time, at the right place, in the right style, at the right price and delivered by the right people. Sport changes lives. It makes us fitter and healthier. Participation opens doors to new places and allows young people to make new friends. It provides them with fresh challenges and opportunities to realise their potential.
Together PlayFootball and StreetGames will provide opportunities for young people to lead healthier, happier and more socially active lifestyles.

PlayFootball will provide StreetGames groups across the country with discounted pitch hire rates, subject to availability, at all their Arenas. PlayFootball will also host and support tournaments and events as well as work collaboratively with StreetGames to deliver an even greater number of affordable sporting experiences for young people.

Kristian Sorensen, Head of Community Partnerships at PlayFootball, said: "We want to build relationships with people and partners who share the same aims and understand the value of active participation.  StreetGames is a perfect fit for us and we look forward to welcoming hundreds of StreetGames’ young people to 3G football pitches and facilities in the near future.”

Jane Ashworth, CEO of StreetGames said: "Cost is a huge barrier for young people to access sport and where possible the StreetGames network offers free sporting opportunities so reducing cost for the project is vital.  The partnership will see our network access world class facilities at reduced price, allowing our young people to play sport in surroundings that they normally wouldn’t be able to access.”


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