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StreetGames receives £6 million cash injection to expand Doorstep Sports Programme

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StreetGames, a national sports charity, has been awarded £6 million funding from Sport England to extend the success of its pioneering ‘Doorstep Sport Clubs’ programme across 2014. 

The programme engages 14-25 year olds from disadvantaged areas to encourage them to develop a sporting habit for life.

StreetGames has already developed over 307 Doorstep Sport Clubs for young people living in some of England’s most disadvantaged communities.

Sport England latest Active People Survey shows that 70% of disadvantaged young people want to partake in more sport and Doorstep Sports Clubs directly fulfils this demand.

"We’re delighted Sport England has recognised the progress we and our network of delivery partners have made over the past 12 months and backed the expansion of our work,” said StreetGames CEO Jane Ashworth. 

"This will allow us to establish 700 new clubs over the next year that will take sport to the doorstep of disadvantaged people and transform the sporting and social landscape in hundreds of deprived communities.  

"This is not just about sport - it’s also about improving young peoples’ lives as they grow and develop as members of healthier, safer, stronger communities.”

Doorstep Sport Clubs are fun places where young people play sports, at a low cost, right on their doorstep. 

Young people can take part in social activities alongside the sports programme which may include traditional or adapted versions of games such as dance, 3 on 3 basketball, dodgeball and street rugby.

"The work being undertaken by StreetGames and its network of partners is making a difference and helping to address the sporting inequality gap,” said Sport England Director of Sport Phil Smith.

"Our latest Active People results shows that since April 2012, the number of young people from England’s most deprived communities taking part in sport at least once a week has risen by 51,100, from 1,140,600 to 1,191,700. 

"We are committed to continuing this positive trend through our support of StreetGames and Doorstep Sport Clubs.”

The new £6 million funding follows an initial award of £3.38 million funding from Sport England in June 2012.
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