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StreetGames receives a further £3.5 million of Sport England Funding!

On 22nd February 2017, national sports charity StreetGames announced that it had secured a further £3.5 million in funding from Sport England for 2017/18, to encourage more young people to develop a resilient, sporting habit for life.  

The investment will build upon the strong foundations of the pioneering Doorstep Sport Club programme, which launched with investment from Sport England in 2013. Over the last four years, the programme has supported 100,000 young people to participate in 1,000 new style youth sports clubs, across 310 community organisations or local authorities across England.

The new funding gives StreetGames the opportunity to increase the numbers of young people from disadvantaged areas with a resilient sporting habit, and to address the needs of those who want to get active regularly. The work will be targeted in areas where some of the 3.9 million children and young people from lower socio-economic groups live and where being physical activity can also have a significant social impact.

Young people from these communities are half as likely to play sport regularly, compared to their more affluent peers. Low-income households spend on average just £2.55 per week on active sport. 

StreetGames’ approach delivers sport to young people at a low cost, right on their doorstep. It is based around the doorstep sport approach of ‘right time, right place, right price, in the right style and by the right leader’. This encourages young people to get active on a regular basis and develop a sporting habit for life – this is especially for those who have an unstable, ‘revolving door’ relationship with sport and physical activity. 

StreetGames will continue to support partners and its network of projects from a range of sectors including youth providers, local authorities, leisure trusts, FE colleges, NGBs, commercial operators and local sports clubs.

Jane Ashworth, CEO of StreetGames, said: "We want to make sure that when young people take part in sport or physical activity, they don’t just turn up once but keep coming back week after week. Our ambition is to help young people develop a resilient sporting habit for life that has a wider beneficial impact on their lives. We’re delighted Sport England has continued to back the expansion of our work.”

Phil Smith, Sport England’s director of sport, said: "Over the last decade, StreetGames has proven that it has a deep understanding of its customer base and its unique approach delivers real change in communities. Their work fits very well with our new strategy, which is about understanding the customer's needs and investing where it's most needed."