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  • 28 November 2014 00:00
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Suffolk activity programme stands out from the crowd

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A physical activity programme which runs across Suffolk has been ranked as one of the best initiatives of its kind in the country, after helping more than 350 people in the county to be more active in the past year.

Thanks to Live Well Suffolk’s ‘Get Healthy Get into Sport’ service, 50% of clients going through the initiative are now engaging regularly with physical activity, achieving the Sport England target of taking part in at least 30 minutes of sporting activity a week. It was also found to help people to quit smoking and manage their weight and its success has seen new physical activity courses introduced to communities in response to local demand.

The programme is one of 38 good practice case studies that have been showcased in a report commissioned and published by Public Health England and UK Active. The report looked at 952 physical activity initiatives across England to identify those that are most effective, making it one of the largest surveys of physical activity programmes ever to be conducted.

Project co-ordinator, Jimmy Rushworth, said: "We’re absolutely delighted that the service has been recognised as an example of best practice and we hope similar programmes will be replicated around the UK as a result of our work.

"The Get Healthy Get into Sport service is offered as an extension to our smoking cessation, health coach and weight management services. We ask participants about their activity levels, find out what might be preventing them from taking part in regular physical activity and ask which sports they would like to have a go at. We then try to help clients to overcome any barriers they may be experiencing, which vary from cost and confidence to awareness of local sessions. This way, we give clients the practical support they need to access the activities they are interested in.”

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