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From this point on, the Community Sport Network team will no longer be sending out articles.

It was established in August 2013 as a free to access news-line on all things happening in Community Sport. It was set up as a small contribution to the legacy of London 2012 which inspired us all and will live long in our memories.

Nearly five years down the track there are now a number of other respected sporting news offerings online, so we thank you for your readership and support which has extended to over 200 countries, and wish you all well in your ongoing efforts to help create a fitter, healthier sporting nation.

Thanks for being a part of it!

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Switch The Play, creating opportunities for athletes through and beyond sport!

Switch the Play are an innovative and pioneering social enterprise creating positive waves across the performance, talent and education sector in sport.  Their aim? To address the ever present and growing need to help athletes fulfil their potential through and perhaps more importantly, beyond sport. 

Non-Executive Director Chris Brindley says there are three certainties in life; taxes, death, and the end of your sporting career! With that in mind Switch the Play have designed a programme of masterclasses that encourage athletes, players and support staff to consider their futures before necessity dictates, whilst offering practical support that mentors and coaches individuals through their own transition journey. 

Director Leon Lloyd, the former Leicester Tigers and England international says:

"We know that, while there are some excellent practices and approaches in the industry, there is still much to be done to support sport’s forgotten majority. So we’ve brought together a trusted network of experts made up of over 70 Associates, Ambassadors and Partners. Together we are finding better ways of doing things collaboratively and designed using academic rigour, practitioner expertise and real life experiences.”

2017 will see the realisation of ambitious plans to continue to grow the network and expand the sphere of influence both on individuals, but also among those with a direct responsibility for duty of care, either through employment, or as a programme, service, education or deliverer.

The list of current associates is increasing everyday and shows a healthy mix of athletes, coaches, managers, support staff and professionals from Higher and Further Education – importantly, all with their own story to tell. Additionally, each individual commits to work in line with the STP values – working across sports, taking a holistic view of transition, working from inside the industry, giving back and always seeing the individual as the beneficiary.  

Switch the Play is delighted to be working in partnership with Inspired Exchange to convene and run a number of thought leadership events and to offer a brokerage route for athletes into the Inspired Speaker and Inspired Athletes speaker services. 
As a social enterprise and a Community Interest Company Switch the Play say they have the interests of the sporting community at heart; working for a greater good rather than simply making profits.

For more information on Switch The Play, please go to -