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Take a closer look at Sport England's £40m Families Fund investment!

One of the key features of Sport England's strategy is making sure children and young people from as young as five are able to enjoy the benefits of sport and physical activity.

Young people should be able to feel more motivated, confident and able to get active – which will increase the likelihood of being active later in life.

The priority is to make sure experiences are fun, enjoyable and of value to those taking part, and that children and young people are better equipped for an active future.

Sport England has committed up to £194 million of investment into children and young people over the next four years. This will be enhanced through wider work across other areas of the strategy, including local delivery and core markets.

One of Sport England's new areas of investment is the Families Fund.

The Families Fund will see up to £40 million invested in projects that offer new opportunities for families with children to do sport and physical activity together.

One of the aims is to support parents on low incomes to make sure their children have positive experiences of sport and physical activity.

Sport England wants them to learn new skills, improve their ability and have confidence to be physically active. They also want to give families the inspiration and confidence to take part in activity together.

Insight has highlighted that families and, in particular, parents and caregivers, play a key role in shaping a child’s attitudes and behaviours.

This is also true of physical activity and sport. They can:

  • Provide support and encouragement – but they can also add pressure
  • Share their own sport and physical activity passions – but they can also share their fears
  • Facilitate access to various opportunities to be active – but they can also limit options
  • Model active behaviour by taking part with children – but can also model sedentary behaviour.
  • Sport England want the investment to support families on low incomes to allow their children to experience the benefits of getting active, including improved mental and social wellbeing and individual development.

Sport England will be investing in projects that make experiences of sport and physical activity fun and enjoyable – and bring value to children and their wider family.

Find out more about the Families Fund.