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  • 19 January 2015 00:00
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The General Election campaigns have started within the sports arena

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The General Election campaigns have started within the sports arena

Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary, Andy Burnham, has launched his party’s new approach to public health.

If elected, Labour claim they would commit their efforts to place physical activity at the centre of their public health policy and direct their strategy towards higher support within communities, encouraging more people to become active and make healthier lifestyle choices.

Labour aims to create "new, easily-understandable recommended levels of physical activity and a new national ambition. This will include a basic minimum that everyone who can should try to do, and a recommended level that we should aspire to get at least 50 per cent of people achieving by 2025.”
Will this change the nation’s view of physical activity and change the population’s health behaviours?
How will they convert this objective into action?

Research shows that inactivity is the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality and it is estimated that 337,000 of the 9.2 million deaths amongst European men and women each year were attributable to obesity but twice this number of deaths could be attributed to physical inactivity.
This research suggests that tackling the precursor, lack of physical activity, is of greater importance than obesity.

The extended list of health benefits can be gained by as little as a 20min brisk walk per day as well as contribute to the annual value of health advantages of sport – estimated at £11.2 billion.

Can emphasising and promoting physical activity instead of highlighting the stigma of obesity grab the public’s attention more and encourage increased levels of activity?

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