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  • 09 September 2016 01:59
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The Positive impact of the Paralympics

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Channel 4 has released some statistical information to support its extended coverage of the Rio Paralympics. 

The stats demonstrate the positive impact of the Paralympic Games on public attitudes to disability
Research undertaken by Channel 4 found:
- 82 per cent of UK adults agree the Paralympics are important for improving society's perceptions of disabled people. 
- More than 90 per cent of people who saw the Yes I Can ad said it was a positive portrayal of disability
- More than 80 per cent of people who had seen the advert felt it showed disability in a new light, with this figure increasing to nearly 90 per cent for people with disabilities who took part in the survey
- 70 per cent of people who recalled seeing the TV trailer stating that Channel 4 is the leading broadcaster in these areas
- Just under 70 per cent of people who had seen the campaign felt it showed a view of disability they'd not considered before and 60  per cent agreed the campaign had positively changed their perceptions of people with disabilities.

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