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  • 14 June 2016 00:00
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The fact of the matter

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Whilst the Euro’s offer football fans a blast of excitement, the English football season has come to a close. Many players will be taking a break from their professional careers, for a holiday or family time, however some will be hit with the harsh reality of the end of their playing career.

Most people think that means footballers hanging up their boots and relaxing in the lap of luxury, but the reality of this dramatic life shift are something quite different. 
Here are just a few shocking stats that illustrate the scale of this issue:
- 55% of footballers between 15 & 18 released by clubs suffered problems such as depression, anxiety and loss of confidence or turned to alcohol and substance use within 1 month of being released (Teeside University, Jan 2015)
- 90% of pro athletes need to work after retirement from sport, and most are in "normal” jobs (PPF)
- 1 in 3 former footballers are divorced within the first 12 months of retirement from the professional game (XPRO)
Switch The Play work across organisations, practitioners, and athletes to put in place plans to help prepare for and manage effective transition. We are currently working with the Premier League, and we are excited to be able to influence the career pathways within football and across the sporting landscape.
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