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The original power walking marathon - London Moonwalk 2017!

This is the 20th MoonWalk London it's bringing you into the roaring 20’s… So get your ground grippers on, fluff your feathers, dress like the bees knees and get ready for another fantastic night of raising money, raising awareness, getting fit and having fun… Whoopee!

Walking the Walk can save lives, raise awareness and get you fit, so what an opportunity to do something for yourself that will also benefit not only cancer patients today, but with research that Walk the Walk fund, the future health of us all. Walk the Walk are a grant making charity that raises money for vital breast cancer causes.

They need your help to continue making a difference where it counts!

The MoonWalk London may be walking, but should not be underestimated, like any challenge it does need preparation. There is plenty of advice and support throughout the website on how to prepare for this challenge and in particular the lead up to the final weeks. Walk the Walk want to make sure that you reach the Finish Line in great shape and smiling!

Wearing bras is Walk the Walk's unique trademark, the girls and, yes, the guys too, all Walk the Walk in decorated bras and whilst it is not the normal sight for a Saturday night in London! It is a vision to behold and one that succeeds in not only raising awareness but millions of pounds to grant to our benefiting causes. So be brave, get creative… and glide down the pink carpet to the Finish Line!

For more info, please click here.

One of our very own team member's, Sally Fisher is walking with her friend Sarah, please see below for her story and the fundraising link if you wish to donate: