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  • 01 December 2014 00:00
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This week at a glance

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Here are the headlines you may have missed from the past week:
DCMS has announced a triennial review of UK Sport and Sport England to ensure robust corporate governance
The RFU is using the lead in to Rugby World Cup 2015 to change perceptions in schools that the sport is the preserve of the white middle  class
The British Heart Foundation National Centre explored the concept of promoting physical activity by stealth at its annual conference in Warwickshire
Women in Football is to contact all Premier and Football League Clubs in an effort to secure a stronger commitment to tackle sexism in the sport
The tragic accident leading to the death of Australian cricketer Philip Hughes has reignited the debate around the use of helmets and player safety in the sport and triggered an investigation by Australian cricket  click here for further information
The shortlist for BBC Sports Personality 2015 has been announced, with the chance to register to vote via the BBC sport website

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