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Top tips on leading student volunteers

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Get Set for Community Action Team Coordinator, John Doherty from Davenant Foundation School gave us his top tips on getting your students involved in their community.

Planning the projects

Most schools are already working in their community, so start by taking a look at what you’re currently doing. Bring what you’re doing in to Get Set for Community Action so that your work is recognised under a national programme that provides rewards to your school. If you’re not already working in the community, start small and gradually build up rather than starting overly ambitious and spreading yourself too thin. Be realistic but also be creative with the resources, time and facilities that you have.

Talk about the benefits

Get Set for Community Action is a fun project that rewards students for getting involved in their community. It provides life skills, such as the experience of project planning and the oversight of money – all really beneficial for your student’s CVs or UCAS applications. There is also real added motivation for the students knowing that the programme celebrates them and their achievements and they have a chance to meet Olympic and Paralympic athletes. Through their involvement, I have noticed huge confidence improvements in my students as they learn to work and engage with people on different levels. The students benefit from knowing that they are making an impact on people’s lives.

Read all of John’s Top Tips at

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