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Transforming the Sport and Recreation Alliance is enhancing our effectiveness says Barker

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Sport and Recreation Alliance Interim CEO Sallie Barker says the ongoing transformation process at the organisation will ensure its long-term financial stability and allow it to become increasingly effective at providing services for its members – who are the governing bodies of sport and recreation. 

After the conclusion of London 2012, Barker played a leading role in overseeing a thorough review of the Sport and Recreation Alliance and its operations. 

Following the wide-ranging recommendations that came out of the review, Barker has also been instrumental in leading the ongoing transformation process at the organisation as its Interim CEO.

The process involves significant changes to the way that the organisation operates and its revenue streams but Barker is confident the transformation will leave the Sport and Recreation Alliance in a far better position; particularly in terms of finances. 

"Having conducted a thorough review of the organisation, we fully recognise the need to increase the commercial revenue coming into the Sport and Recreation Alliance and to diversify our revenue streams,” Barker exclusively told Community Sport Network.

"We have a long-standing contract in place with Sport England but we want to start raising our own income from our own products. 

"That will allow us to invest the more money into services for our members. 

"In order to help with this process, we have bought in a new Head of Business Development who will play a leading role in developing and growing the organisation’s commercial activities. 

"But while we are looking to extend our revenue streams, our objective of providing strong services to our members will remain at our core. 

"Our members are at the heart of everything we do and raising more money will really help enhance the benefits we can provide to them.”

The Sport and Recreation Alliance are currently searching for a permanent CEO with Barker, who has been at the organisation since 2002, considered to be a contender for the role. 

Barker herself indicated she is interested in taking up the role on a permanent basis because she feels she can continue to significantly contribute to the ongoing modernisation of the organisation. 

"On a personal level I hope to be able to continue to lead the organisation through the transformational process we are undertaking and continue to raise our profile as well as the profile of our members. 

"We have a great team in place and I want us to increase our own significance in the sector and increase the standard of the services we provide to our members. 

"We have got to get out and sell the message about sport and recreation and explain what governing bodies can do. 

"It’s not just about participation targets: it’s about health, social cohesion, sport being at the heart of the community, volunteer development and all those other things. 

"We have got to sell what we do and get a clear message out that everyone can sign up to. 

"If we can do that, we can then continue persuade Government about how important sport is. 

"We’ve looked at our mission, which is about being the independent voice, championing and advocating, representing the sports sector but being clear about what it is and why we’re representing it. 

"I think we’ve got some way to go to get there but we are definitely on the right track in terms of providing leadership and delivering great services to the sector for the long-term.”

To read the full exclusive "Catch-Up” interview with Sallie Barker, Click Here

To attend the Sport and Recreation Alliance’s Sports Summit 2014 on 5 June at Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge, Click Here 

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