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  • 22 April 2015 00:00
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Virgin Money London Marathon 2015

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With months of training under their belts, the 38,000 London Marathon entrants count down their last few days before they crowd at the start line, ready for the 26.2 miles ahead of them!

Whether the participants are walking, jogging or are seasoned athletes looking for personal best times, crossing the finish line on the 26th April will be a huge accomplishment.

Many will be out in their fancy dress costumes, others trying to break world Records, but the London marathon gives people around the world the opportunity to come together and share their running experiences as they pass iconic sites and run up the Mall past Buckingham Palace to finish.

This week’s newsletter edition is based on mass participation events and how the community nature of them can inspire everyone to get up, active and running, whether for personal benefits or for a wider cause.

Mass participation events have people taking part for many different reasons: personal fitness goals, raising money for charity, for the social aspects or to achieve excellence (just to name a few!), however all reasons for participating are valid and encouraged and bring people together to share their experiences.

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