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Want to try extreme pursuits this summer?

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Calling all adrenaline junkies and adventurers.....

Push yourself further than you ever thought possible by taking up an extreme pursuit such as mountaineering, abseiling, skiing, rock climbing and fell-running (Although perhaps not all of them at once!).

They offer a fantastic chance to see parts of the coastline and landscape you can’t access by more pedestrian means and for an adrenaline-fuelled glimpse of our coastland, there is always kite-surfing. It’s an activity not designed for the faint-hearted or more laid-back among us. Combining elements of windsurfing, surfing, paragliding and gymnastics too, into one extremely extreme sport!

Why not live life n the great outdoors with Alfresco adventures?

Based in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, Alfresco Adventures give people the opportunity to experience the outdoor lifestyle in new and challenging ways.

From someone who has never challenged themselves with outdoor activities through to the experienced hiker, there are plenty of adventure holidays to choose from and all are custom-tailored to your level of expertise.

Looking for fast and exhilarating things to do for the whole family this summer?

Super charge the family this summer in Tyne and Wear.Try anything from surfing and skiing to go-kart racing in Sunderland or dive deep in the biggest pool in the region.

Try skiing, snowboarding and snowtubing at Silksworth Ski Slope any time of the year! 

Or even take to the slopes in Dorset?

The Snowtrax alpine activity centre will transport you to the mountains for the day.
Whether it’s skiing or snowboarding you’re into, or simply soaking up the alpine atmosphere, you’ll find it here. Pros can set off down the slopes or if you’re looking to improve your skills or start from scratch, there are lessons for every level. You can even freestyle on ramps and rails!

For even more extreme sporting ideas:
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