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  • 22 July 2014 00:00
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We will create a lasting sporting legacy from Glasgow 2014 promises sportscotland chair

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sportscotland chair Louise Martin says that the national agency is already hard at work to ensure that the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games leaves a lasting sporting legacy for Scotland.
Martin played a major role in bringing the 2014 Commonwealth Games to Scotland back in 2007 when she chaired the successful bid team while she has also been a prominent figure in the staging of the event as the Organsing Committee Vice-Chair.

"Glasgow 2014 represents a defining moment for sport in this country and it will also be the apex of my career,” Martin told Community Sport Network. 

"We are capiatalising on Glasgow 2014 by accelerating our plans towards developing a world-class sporting system at all levels. 

"With the Ryder Cup also in Scotland in 2014, we are seizing upon the excitement created by these global sporting events to help deliver a lasting sporting legacy for Scotland. 

"Our Glasgow 2014 legacy ambitions, although multifaceted, can be summarised by two fundamental objectives: to improve and develop Scotland’s high performance system and to improve and develop community sport. 

"We are already making huge strides in both of these areas. Our high performance system is the most sophisticated it’s ever been and our community sport offering continues to go from strength to strength.”

Shortly after the 2014 Commonwealth Games, the country will hold their historic referendum in September to decide whether Scotland should be an independent country or remain in the UK.

Martin said that sportscotland is fully prepared for the results of the referendum, regardless of the outcome.

"sportscotland has advanced plans in place and will be ready for whatever the people of Scotland decide in September’s independence referendum. 

"Scotland boasts excellent coaching and expertise at the sportscotland institute of sport, which has contributed to distinguished results on the international stage. 

"There has also been a significant increase in the number of world-class facilities, creating lasting sporting benefits for the whole of Scotland.

"Many top-class international athletes from all countries regularly combine training at facilities in their home nation with those in other countries worldwide, and Scottish athletes will continue to be able to do so if the people of Scotland vote for independence. 

"sportscotland spends nearly £20 million a year on high performance sport, and, in the event of independence, Scotland’s commensurate population share of UK Sport’s four-year £343 million Rio investment would equate to nearly £7.5 million per year, bringing the likely spend on a four-year Olympic/Paralympic cycle to over £100 million for a Team Scotland.”

"So whatever the people of Scotland decide in September’s independence referendum, sportscotland will ensure that our high performance athletes continue to receive the best possible training, coaching, and support services that are right for the individual, their circumstances, and their sport.”

Martin also pointed out the there would not be significant changes to school or club sport if Scotland chooses to become independent. 

"Sport is already devolved to the Scottish Parliament, so independence would not affect school or club sport, while many sports, including football and rugby, already operate independently from their UK counterparts,” she said. 

To read the full "Catch up” interview with Louise Martin, Click Here 

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