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  • 17 February 2015 00:00
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Wheels for all

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Wheels for all

Making cycling accessible for all.

Wheels for all is a nationally recognised initiative with over 50 centres across England and Wales.

The aim is to engage people with disabilities or differing needs, of all ages, to give a cycling activity a try. The help of knowledgeable, trained leaders as well as specially adapted bikes, allow anyone and everyone to engage in a quality cycling activity that are both physically and mentally stimulating and above all fun!

Wheels For All Training gives individuals, carers and support staff the confidence to work with adapted cycles for their clients or family member so that all can enjoy the benefits of cycling in a sociable environment. The projects works with occupational therapists, sports development, local councils and Primary Care Trusts' care support staff amongst others to make this accessible.

So get active and get cycling!

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