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  • 27 October 2015 00:00
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Why do girls THROW LIKEaGIRL?

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Why do girls throw ‘LIKEaGIRL’? How does it impact their approach to sport & how can teachers, parents & clubs bring about change?   
A Conference - The Uni. of Herts., Hatfield, UK - 24th Nov 2015        
Speakers Announced 

The Women's Sport Network ( in partnership with The Herts Community Sports Partnership ( and The Sports Marketing Network ( are bringing together leading experts to investigate WHY young girls avoid sport, WHAT are the physical/emotional issues that cause this and HOW can coaches, parents and teachers better prepare girls for competitive sport . . . and life?

Issues ranging from body image to core strength and confidence will be discussed. Speakers (listed below) will evaluate and ameliorate the disconnect, avoidance and drop out from sport which occurs amongst young girls.  Strategies for schools, clubs and parents will be expounded to help engage girls to get active and overcome the fear of judgement and answer the question - Can a good, physical grounding in sport also offer greater robustness / confidence later in life?

Leading speakers on Women’s Sport Include Sarah Winckless, Olympian & Ex-Chair of British Olympic Athletes Commission and Danielle Sellwood, Co-founder of Sportsister Magazine/Women’s Sports Trust. They will be joined by experienced academics, Claire-Marie Roberts, University of Worcester, Women in Sport & Exercise Task Force, Shannon Pepin Bevione, Plymouth University, and sports/PE teachers from Headington School Oxford and Sheffield High School.  National Governing Bodies will have the latest thinking from Jenna Smith, Badminton England and other club/community-based presentations will be given by Melissa Anderson from Valleys Gymnastics Academy and Joanne Herbertson of Cheshire Cricket Board, The conference will be chaired by Karen Rothery, CEO at Surrey Sports Park.

The CoreFIRST concept - giving girls confidence to use their bodies BEFORE engaging in sport - is central to WSNet thinking. Please do join us to both learn and contribute to the debate on this key area of girls' development.  

More detail on our website - 

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