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  • 30 August 2013 00:00
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Women's Sport Network continue drive to get more females into sport through ACTIVEMapX

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The Women's Sports Network (WSNet) has continued their drive to get more females participating in sport and physical exercise through their recently launched ACTIVEMapX.

ACTIVEMapX is a free service that allows women to quickly find places, classes or events in their local community that offer the opportunity to participate in physical exercise. 

WSNet describe the service as "a fun, easy way to try - with your daughter, work friends, school friends, relatives, mum, sister or with new friends.”

A thousand locations were added in the first launch week of ACTIVEMapX by schools, clubs, gyms, voluntary groups and local NGB sports development staff as part of a joined up strategy to promote sport, fitness and activity for women.

ACTIVEMapX now has almost 10,000 classes/events where women and girls can enjoy sport and fitness.

"We are currently loading data from a wide range of organisations from both the public, commercial and charity sectors including NGBs, clubs, schools, voluntary groups, charities and from small women's fitness franchises to small one-off local businesses run by women for women in the community,” said the director of digital publishing at WSNet Jo Cotgrove.

"All these organisations are helping to get women/girls more active in their community.”

The rolling out of ACTIVEMapX comes following research that shows that some 11 million women would like to do more sport/activity but are often restricted by time, opportunity, budget, facilities and lack of encouragement. 

The research also shows that many women prefer to try sport and get active locally with friends in short bursts and with some 'coaxing' and social interaction as part of the programme. 

ACTIVEMapX is looking to act on this research while it is supported through social media via a Twitter-based campaign called #ACTIVE8.

The campaign offers the chance for the public to tweet their favourites event/class for women and raise issues of easy access to the vast sporting/fitness legacy which has developed in the community for women as a result of London 2012. 

For more information, please click here 

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