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  • 17 April 2014 00:00
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Youth Sport Trust and CYQ start work on new career guidance tool

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The Youth Sport Trust is beginning work with the Central YMCA Qualification (CYQ) on a new career guidance tool designed to help young people gain a better understanding of the employment opportunities there are to work in the sport and leisure sectors.

This project has come about partly as a response to a survey conducted by the YMCA that showed young people are concerned about their career or job aspirations because they don’t feel they had access to "good and broad information across a range of careers”. 

Youth Sport Trust has heard anecdotally that young people are confused career opportunities within the sport and active leisure sectors with many career advisors, parents and tutors not always placing the same value on careers in this sector as others.

"We know that career advice in the sport and leisure sectors could be better and we aim to provide greater support and guidance to schools and young people,” said Youth Sport Trust Assistant Director Claire Harvey.

"This tool will help them identify the wide range of career opportunities that are available and provide a better understanding of what is required to work in the sectors.”

The new career guidance tool aims to be one piece of a larger picture in providing young people with quality careers guidance. 

To begin the development of this new tool, Youth Sport Trust would like schools to give feedback to what they would like to see from the tool to ensure it is as beneficial to young people as possible.
To provide feedback, Click Here

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