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  • 09 July 2014 00:00
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afPE National Conference at St George's Park proves major success

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The Association for Physical Education (afPE) National Physical Education and School Sport Conference at St George’s Park in Burton, Staffordshire has proved a major success after the sell-out event received praised from Minister for Children and Families Edward Timpson.

Timpson, who has ministerial responsibility for PE and school sport in Government, was a keynote speaker at the event which also included high-profile contributions from sector experts such as Alan Boyle and Sir John Jones.

"It's talented and committed PE teachers encouraging physical activity at an early age that are setting up children for life - to stay fit and healthy, to build character and to experience the thrill of exceeding their own expectations, again and again,” said Timpson. 

"Qualities that are not only real attributes on the pitch or the playground, but in every kind of arena that life throws at us."

"That's why we're so keen, across government, to support schools in seriously raising their game when it comes to school sports.

"With the great support of afPE and others, we're taking decisive action to harness the Olympic spirit and make sure every child has the opportunity to be fit and healthy.”

The conference opened with the ‘Kick Start Dance’ company showcasing what high quality physical education performance looks like.

The event also featured a special Physical Education & School Sport Exhibition Street that provided delegates with the latest innovations and products from afPE Business Associates and selected and quality assured representatives from the private, public and commercial sector to support PE professionals in their roles. 

"The programme has proved so popular that the conference was a sell out,” said afPE Strategic Lead Sue Wilkinson. 

"The delegates comprise primary and secondary teachers, strategic PE Leads, representatives from County Sports Partnerships, school games organisers, lecturers, consultants, coaches and last, but not least, we are delighted to welcome trainees with a specialism in PE and who are part of the newly funded government pilot.

"We are proud to announce another first for the profession by sharing the independent initial research findings on the impact of the afPE Quality Mark Award and the state of play of PE and school sport in schools.”

The Chair of the afPE Board Darren Padgett was equally pleased with the event. 
 "afPE is delighted at the unprecedented demand for places at our annual conference,” he said.

"This shows commitment from the profession who are working tirelessly towards high quality physical education which has an immense impact on our young people in terms of health, emotional well being, self esteem, as well as whole school improvement.”

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