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inSIGHTS to a healthy future

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‘inSIGHTS to a healthy future’ campaign

Paralympic skier, Jade Etherington and Paralympic sprinter, Libby Clegg support the ‘insights to a healthy future’ manifesto. As ambassadors, they are helping to raise awareness of the need to fund more research to tackle eye disease.

The fact of the matter is that funding is reaching crisis point – it is simply not keeping up with the size of the challenge. Much sight loss is treatable, but there is a need to fund more insights through a heightened research programme to develop better interventions.

Jade Etherington: " As a Paralympic skier I am used to taking risks, but undergoing eye surgery is a
frightening prospect for anyone. Eye research has come a long way, but there is still much to do. Though surgery was unable to save my sight, there is always hope for others. Yet innovation in eye research will not progress without vital investment.”

Libby Clegg: "Though Stargardt’s Macular Dystrophy has not stopped me from achieving the success
I’ve always strived for on the running track, it has made my life challenging in other ways.
Losing your sight is always a frightening experience. We know that Stargardt’s is an inherited condition. Research has even identified the gene that causes it; and it’ll be research that finds a cure. That is why I’m behind the National Eye Research Centre’s campaign, inSIGHTS to a healthy future.”

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