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  • 11 July 2016 10:25
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WheelPower Primary Sport Camp - Leicestershire

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WheelPower is the national charity for wheelchair sport and a national disability sports organisation. We provide opportunities, facilities, expertise and equipment that enable disabled people (specifically those with a physical or locomotor impairment) to participate in sport and physical activity and lead healthy active lives.

The ‘Feel Inspired’ programme will build on the success of our existing primary and junior sports camp programme which are for children with physical or mild sensory disabilities and are a great way for them to discover sport in a friendly and completely inclusive environment. One of our main aims as an organisation is to support young people to find a sport or physical activity that they are passionate about and enjoy.

WheelPower’s Primary Camps are a great way to introduce disabled children to a wide variety of sports in a safe, friendly and completely inclusive environment. The camps are open to young people with mild sensory and physical disabilities.

Participants are welcome to attend the one-day events with their parents and carers and coaches will endeavour to include parents and carers and teaching staff in the activities on offer.

The Leicestershire ‘Feel Inspired’ Camp will take place on 27th September 2016 at Aylestone Leisure Centre, 2 Knighton Lane East, Leicester LE2 6LU.

For more information or to book your place please contact Ed Pearse on or call 07922 736196

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